Allergic Reactions:

 Avocados may cause allergies. Avocado allergies may include modest mouth discomfort and swelling to severe respiratory problems and anaphylaxis

Latex allergy:

In some people, latex and avocado allergies respond. Latex allergies may increase the likelihood of avocado allergies and cross-reactions. Seek medical advice.

GI Sensitivity:

Avocados are abundant in fiber and good fats, which some individuals with IBS have trouble digesting. Avocados may cause bloating, gas, or diarrhea.

Weight Issues:

Avocados are nutrient-dense and calorie-dense owing to their beneficial fat. Avocado meal sizes are important if you're dieting and watching your calorie consumption.

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Disorders of the kidneys

Avocados should be reduced by renal disease patients, particularly those on potassium-restricted diets. Due to their high potassium content

Medications Interact:

Avocados contain vitamin K, which may interact with blood thinners. Avocados may interfere with vitamin K medications, so check your doctor.

Allergies to food

Avocado may cause dietary intolerances. Avocados may cause stomach issues, so avoid them and see a doctor or dietician.

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