Weight loss in 7 easy steps with running


Start Slowly

If you're just getting into running, take it easy at first. Start off by combining brisk walking and short bursts of running, and as your fitness improves, increase the length of your running intervals.

Consistent Routine

Maintain a regular schedule for your runs. As your stamina grows, you should start running for longer and more frequently.

Interval Training

Run with intervals at regular intervals to improve your fitness. Run at faster speeds for some time and then at a slower pace for recuperation. This may cause your metabolism to speed up, allowing you to burn fat more quickly.

Increase Intensity

Incorporate hills, sprints, and other difficult terrain as you progress in your running comfort level.


long run

Boost your fitness with some longer runs. Running for longer periods at a slower pace can aid with endurance and calorie burning.

Combine with Strength Training

Make strength workouts a regular part of your program. Gaining lean muscle mass has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate and hence calorie expenditure during times when running is not being performed.

Monitor Nutrition

Keep an Eye on Your Diet and Nutrition. Even while jogging might help put you in a caloric deficit, you still need to eat well to maintain your energy and health.

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