Top 8 Foods That May Help Flatten Your Belly

Cutting calories is the greatest approach to lose tummy fat. Not all foods need to be cut and not all calories are equal. For instance, eating more soluble fiber might flatten your tummy.

Nuts and oats

Bananas are nutritious despite their carby image. Bananas' potassium helps drain excess fluids. Crandall advises eating high-potassium meals if you're carrying too much water weight, such as from eating salty foods the night before.


Watermelon is another potassium-rich food that reduces water weight. Watermelon is rich in arginine, an amino acid that speeds up fat metabolism, according to a Nutrition research.


Probiotic meals include digestive-regulating “good” bacteria. The British Journal of Nutrition reported that probiotic-treated women lost more weight than non-probiotic-treated women. Crandall advises one probiotic-rich meal per day for good digestion, such one of these.

Probiotic yogurt

Extra belly fat might creep up on the scale if you eat salty or sugary foods often. Avoid potato chips and eat cucumber slices instead. They are guilt-free snacks with high water content and minimal calories, and their soluble fiber will keep you satisfied.


Crandall recommends adding papayas to your shopping list, even though they're commonly forgotten. They are rich in fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C and contain proteolytic enzymes that aid digestion.


Since asparagus has so many health advantages, you should keep eating it even when it makes your urine smell. High asparagine levels make asparagus a diuretic. Crandall adds that one cup of asparagus has three grams of fiber, keeping you satisfied between meals. Bell peppers, broccoli, and snap peas are fiber-rich.


Bloated? Candy cane sucking. Peppermint extract reduces gas and intestinal discomfort, says Crandall. Even smelling peppermint may reduce hunger and avoid overeating.


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