Top 5 zodiac signs men that protect their girlfriends



Cancer males are zodiac knights in golden armor. They protect because of their emotional bond and commitment. These men are attentive to their girlfriends' needs, making them happy. Cancer males guard their partners as crabs do.


Taurus guys are known for their dependability. They protect their ladies and make them feel special. Taurus men take care of their families because they want to provide and protect them.


Scorpio males instinctively safeguard their families. They are natural guardians due of their devotion and drive. They are devoted to their women and would do anything to protect them once they commit.



Despite their confidence and charisma, Leos are guarded. Leo males take pride in protecting and making their ladies happy. They support their lover unconditionally and shelter them from negativity.


Though they may not show it, Capricorn men have a strong feeling of duty toward their families. They assume the part of a solid and dependable spouse


who is constantly looking out for their girlfriend's best interests and take on the role of being responsible for them. Their loyalty shows in their protection.

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