Top 5 Strength Training Exercises for Firm '11 Line' Abs

Overhead squats add core stability and can significantly activate the "11 line" muscles thanks to the addition of the upper body.

Overhead Squats

"In this exercise, you walk a set distance while holding a weight overhead in one arm. An overhead squat is comparable to core activation. 

Waiter’s Carry

One of the best exercises for sculpting your lower abs is hanging onto a bar and pulling your toes up to touch it.

Hanging leg raises from toes to bar

According to Haines-Landram, "planks are a popular and effective exercise for strengthening the core muscles." "They cause the abdominal muscles to contract statically, which means that the muscles are activated but not actively moving through a range of motion.


The plank works better the longer it is held. You can perform a plank by simply keeping your body still while performing a pushup with your arms straight or with your forearms resting on the floor. 


Rotations work the obliques, which border your "11 lines," giving them that distinctive appearance. You can do this with a dumbbell, medicine ball, or even just your body weight.


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