Tom Cruise swears on 4 healthy eating habits to look great at 60

Movie star eats nothing fried. Cruise eats grilled dishes at low temperatures, according to Men's Health. High-temperature cooking causes chronic tissue inflammation and accelerates aging.

He eats grilled foods.

Eat this, not that! Anti-inflammatory foods including salmon, dark chocolate, raw oats, blueberries, ginger, beets, broccoli, olive oil, tomatoes, and spinach are recommended for adults over 50.

Cruise has given up carbohydrates, so he won't eat much pasta. The actor is on a 1200-calorie carb-free diet, per Men's Health. Why? Nutritional scientist Dr. Paul Clayton told Men's Health that carbohydrates create insulin, an aging hormone, which accelerates aging.

He skips the carbs.

Although Cruise now avoids carbohydrates, he didn't always. The celebrity called himself the "King of Carbonara." and published his spaghetti carbonara recipe. The Tom Cruise diet has evolved greatly.

Healthy snacks keep Cruise energized on set with her demanding schedule. Newshub reports that the actress consumes many little snacks every day, including freeze-dried organic blueberries and almonds.

He's a healthy snacker.

Cruise avoids sugar, especially before a movie. reported that sugar causes inflammation and damages collagen and elastin, speeding aging. To much sugar can age your skin.

He avoids sugar.

The Top Gun actor can share sweets even when he doesn't like it. Cruise says, "I love sugar, but I can't eat it because when I'm training, I'm doing all these movies—so I send it to everyone," on The Late Late Show With James Corden. "I await calls…Explain it."

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