These Are the Season Fall Fruits and Vegetables to Eat Right Now

Apples: Crisp and juicy, apples are a quintessential fall fruit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from snacking to baking.

Pumpkin: This versatile squash is a fall favorite, perfect for making soups, pies, and other cozy dishes.

Sweet Potatoes: Rich in vitamins and fiber, sweet potatoes are a nutritious and delicious addition to any fall meal.

Brussels Sprouts: These mini cabbages are a great source of vitamin C and make a tasty side dish when roasted or sautéed.

Pears: Sweet and juicy, pears are a great source of fiber and can be enjoyed fresh or cooked in a variety of dishes.

Butternut Squash: Another popular fall squash, butternut squash is packed with vitamins and minerals and can be roasted, mashed, or used in soups and stews.

Cranberries: Tart and tangy, cranberries are a great source of antioxidants and can be used in sauces, baked goods, and other dishes.

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