The Rock sends clear message to Colin Kaepernick

Many have recommended that Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL star quarterback, play in the XFL to demonstrate to the public that he is deserving of an offer from an NFL team as he continues to attempt to return to the league. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that will occur.

With a single Instagram statement this week, XFL owner Dwayne Johnson appeared to put an end to any and all speculations and conjecture connecting Colin Kaepernick to the league.

The Rock responded to a fan's Instagram suggestion that Colin Kaepernick play in the XFL "if he wants to prove he still can," making it apparent that he does not believe the quarterback will be joining the league.

"Earlier this year, we had a meeting with Kap and his representatives, whom I really like. Good meeting; it seemed to set him up for success, but I doubt it will. Dwayne Johnson commented, "We'll see."

After going unsigned by every NFL club in the wake of his well-known protests during the singing of the national anthems before to games, Colin Kaepernick has not participated in a professional football game since the 2016 season. He has often tried to return to the league, but he has never gotten an offer.

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