The right is coming for Taylor Swift. They don't stand a chance

The power of Taylor Swift is impossible to overestimate. She began her earth-shaking Eras Tour this summer, which is expected to earn over $1 billion and $5 billion for the global economy.

Since the epidemic began, Swift has released three albums and three re-recorded ones, all of which broke streaming records. Every night, hundreds of non-ticketholders listen to her three-hour, 44-song performance outside the arena.

Swift gave each of her 50 truck drivers $100,000 bonuses and privately donated to local food banks before each of her 52 shows. She convinced USA Today to employ a reporter to follow her around. With one Instagram story, she casually registered 35,000 voters.

She may have a new boyfriend. Swift visited Kansas City to watch her rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears last Sunday during her downtime before heading to Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe before returning to the US and Canada.

The Swifties are thrilled. Excited Patrick Mahomes. Republicans? Not thrilled. Presumably because she's unattractive.

Right-wing commentators need figures to rail against, so when Swift and Kelce caused a media frenzy at Arrowhead Stadium, they tried to convert the probable couple into the beta male boyfriend-blue-haired girlfriend duo.

Kelce, a 6-foot-5, 250-pound NFL tight end, is a "soy boy" who should "chop his d**k off, become a girl and back Joe Biden.Swift is "dumb and her music sucks," "mid," "homely," and a 6/10. The same tweet suggests "Bettlejuice" star Lauren Boebert is a 10.

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