The 'Olivia Dunne' Of College Track Is A Nebraska Pole Vaulter

In the modern realm of collegiate sports, the term "Olivia Dunne of X" is frequently used.

Pole vaulter Jess Gardner, a member of the Nebraska Huskers, is sometimes referred to as the "Olivia Dunne of college track and field."

This year, the Huskers pole vaulter has grown her social media following significantly. On Instagram, she has more than 100,000 fans.

On social media, Gardner, a pole vaulter for the Huskers, is trending. In recent months, the Huskers pole vaulter's Instagram and TikTok profiles have seen a significant increase in followers.

She has also gone to various other Huskers athletic events. Due to Name, Image, and Likeness, Dunne has benefitted much from her following and secured significant agreements.

Gardner seems to be well on her way to accomplishing the same thing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jess Gardner could appear more frequently as the 2023 season progresses.

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