The Most Popular Dog Breeds of the Year


If you want to keep up with your bloodhound on a long walk, you'd better be in peak physical condition. Otherwise, this breed is calm, sociable, and devoted.


The spotted coats of Dalmatians are instantly recognizable, and the breed has a long history of service as fire dogs. They were specifically designed to be strong and athletic, with the purpose of protecting horses and trainers.

Australian Cattle Dog

Experiment with some Australian cattle dogs and live dangerously. The Australian dingo, a fast-moving wild dog, is one of its distant ancestors. There's nothing slow about an Australian cattle dog. They have a reputation for being able to trick even the most experienced dog trainers. 

The Bichon Frise

Bichons make fantastic pets and friends for youngsters of all ages. Their little stature makes them well-suited to city life, where they can easily navigate their way through tight quarters.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog is a great choice for a family dog since he or she is high-energy and simple to teach. They're smart as a whip, and while they may be obstinate and naughty, they also love pleasing their owners.

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