The 2-Ingredient Breakfast Mila Kunis Eats Daily to Stay Toned

Luckily, the That '70s Show veteran, who has daughter Wyatt, 8, and son Dimitri, 6, with husband Ashton Kutcher, 45, returned to her normal weight soon after filming. In a Harper's Bazaar 'Food Diaries' video, she revealed what she consumes daily to keep her super-trim shape.

What Does Mila Kunis Eat Daily?

Friends with Benefits actress claimed she starts her day with "old school drip coffee" and vanilla Silk oat milk creamer, which she froths, in a candid video. The Ted actor said she eats her kids' breakfast leftovers, which aren't "always satiating," but she dislikes wasting food.

After eating her children's breakfasts, the Luckiest Girl Alive star makes her own. "Then I'll make avocado toast for myself," she said, adding eggs and dips for variety. We love that the Bad Moms star said, "I grab whatever bread we have," adding, "It's healthy because I have children and so you try to do as much as you can."

Mila Kunis' Healthy Breakfast

Mila proposed "Dave's Killer Bread, wholegrain with nuts and texture and crunch and stuff like that," adding, "And sometimes I like to sprinkle 'Everything But The Bagel' flavor on top. If I'm feeling fiery, I could add an egg."

"Or I like dips," she said, switching between Hummus, Tzatziki, and others. Breakfast at the Kunis-Kutcher family sounds never boring, and we're taking notes! Avocado toast is a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast meal that just requires avocado and bread.

Mila also stated she has smoothies delivered and adds her own protein powder. “I get frozen smoothies delivered to the house,” she said. "I put protein powder in it, my husband adds non-dairy, and he drops it off at my table and I am grateful," she said. 

Aww! The Jupiter Ascending actress also eats salad or quinoa bowls with chopped, cooked veggies, according to her video. "Sometimes I do bowl night, where her husband and children can make their own veggie bowl with a salad base, quinoa base, and some vegetables."

But she still treats herself, saying she and her family adore ordering sushi, Thai, and Indian takeout. She said she and the Two and a Half Men star eat a "couple bites" of ice cream every night, usually Thrifty's 'Chocolate Malted Krunch' or Rocky Road.

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