The #1 Upper-Body Workout To Fight Back Fat

First, execute the supinated lat pulldown to remove back fat. Start with your arms shoulder-width apart and palms facing you. Lean back and draw the bar down toward your sternum with your elbows, tightening your lats at the bottom.

Supinated Lat Pulldown

Resist the ascent with lat tension. Let your shoulder blades rise before doing another rep to get a good stretch. Try three to four 10-rep sets.

Next, wide grip rows need using a seated row machine's broad grip attachment. Plant your feet on the footpad. Pull the handle and fully straighten your legs.

Wide Grip Cable Row

Squeeze your back and lats firmly to finish with your chest erect and elbows back toward your hips. Before doing another rep, straighten your arms and extend your shoulder blades. Try three to four 10-rep sets.

For this following exercise, tilt your workout bench 30–45 degrees. Hold two dumbbells and place your chest on the pad. You can sit with your knees on the bench or your feet on the ground, whichever you want.

Incline Rear Row

Straighten your arms and grasp pronated. Maintain a lofty chest and pull the weight back into your body with flared elbows. After flexing your upper back, drop the weights until you obtain a good stretch. Do three to four 10-to-12-rep sets.

Finish with face pulls. Attach a rope handle to the cable pulley station at neck level for this exercise. Hold the rope with thumbs facing you. Pull the cable and retreat two steps.

Face Pulls

For balance, spread your feet with one in front and one in back and draw the rope toward your face, flaring your elbows back. Back of the shoulder and shoulder blades should be squeezed before starting again. Try three to four 15-rep sets.

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