Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce inspire viral prank on TikTok

After Swift was seen at Sunday's Chiefs game, folks discreetly filmed themselves informing their spouses that Swift made Kelce famous and that nobody knew him before Swift. Most girlfriends and wives have been shocked or outraged.

A TikTok search on Thursday shows hundreds of participants, but the trend's creator is unknown. Couples bonded over the NFL-Swiftie crossover, with some joking online that they were testing their relationships and others enjoying having their hobbies intersect.

Kelley Carrasquillo, like many others, claimed to know Kelce. Her husband, Luis Carrasquillo, explained why he seems astonished in their 5-million-view TikTok video. He added he “could have sworn” Kelley knew Kelce before pranking him.

“She got a huge laugh out of the whole thing,” Luis remarked. Kelley said she's motivated to watch football again.

“I think it’s so fun because now we can do it as a family and my stepdaughter wants to watch because Taylor Swift is involved,” Kelley added. She's never been a sports gal, but suddenly she's asking, ‘Do you guys want to watch the game next week?’

The Austin couple had a serious chat about the matter after the prank. Kelley said that Taylor Swift is worldwide whereas the NFL is American. 

“When you say football abroad, people think soccer,” she remarked. “She’s bringing him global and people around the world know who she is.

Los Angeles-based video developer Victoria Garrick Browne and her husband, football expert Max Browne, are thrilled that their worlds are intersecting. Despite not participating in the hoax, the two have created additional Swift and Kelce videos since Sunday.

Victoria's mental health, body image, and Swift material has garnered over 1 million TikTok followers. Former USC Trojan football player Browne. Taylor dressed as “the scarf” for his Eras Tour stop in Los Angeles.

“These are two of the most exciting and dedicated fan bases,” Victoria remarked. He watches every football game and is very much in that world, so for them to genuinely come together at one time, it seemed like time froze for me and we were pumped.

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