Samsung Leak Exposes New Galaxy S24+ Design Changes

Although the flagship Galaxy S24 family of smartphones from Samsung is anticipated to launch in early 2024, the most recent information about the Galaxy S24+ reveals the new design language that the South Korean corporation is introducing to the market.

From Steve Hemmerstoffer of @OnLeaks in collaboration with GizNext, we get our finest look at the flagship to date. We now have 5K renderings and scaling on the Galaxy S24+ in addition to a 360-degree movie.

Notably, Samsung has decided to use a 6.7-inch flat screen on the Galaxy S24+, and the device will maintain its flat profile on the back (except from the camera lenses, of course). Our smartphone is angular and flat, with rounded corners that have a slight radius and a touch of chafer around the edges.

There are three lenses in the primary camera, and they are all independent lenses without an island, bar, or grouping them into a big circle like an induction plate. 

They are divided by three lenses, three different elevated circles, and a moved integrated LED flash.

The camera system, sensors, lenses, and software are all unknown to us. These are definitely under development,

but since the launch isn't anticipated until February 2024 (though there have been rumors of an early January event), there is plenty of time for the software to be refined (and camera subsystem specifics will undoubtedly surface in due course).

Hemmerstoffer and Sarkar also point out that the Ultra Wideband antenna now occupies a different location as a result of the S24 family's new design language.

Because UWB offers a large bandwidth for transferring data over relatively small distances, it may be used for a variety of tasks. It is particularly useful for relative placement of linked devices and functions well with paired peripherals and geolocation tags.

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