Personal Trainer Shares Three Belly Fat Burning Methods

Berger told Newsweek, "Without consistency you won't see changes and after your hard work you can gain the weight back." Be consistent with your schedule, habits, and routine. You need routine. Finding and creating one is the first step."

1. Consistency

Obesity reported in 2019 that those who exercised at the same time were more likely to keep to it. 68 percent of 375 persons who lost 30 pounds in a year exercised at the same time. Nearly half (47.8%) worked out in the morning, suggesting consistency is more essential than timing.

HIIT was shown to burn fat by the American College of Cardiology. After one week of moderate-intensity exercise, 90 of 120 patients moved to 20-minute HIIT sessions throughout the 12-week trial.

2. Weightlifting, HIIT, Yoga

The results showed that HIIT users dropped 4 pounds more than non-users. The average age of 67 patients acquired nearly a pound of muscle.

“I consider this my trifecta for losing belly fat and it is really important for me,” she told Newsweek. Each exercises the body differently, which is important since muscles have memory and might plateau if you do the same things.

"HIIT is amazing since it's always changing and calorie killer. It offers various ways to enhance your Pilates, barre, etc. training. Extra post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) makes HIIT effective. There are several low-impact activities for joint-friendly people."

You may want to lose weight, but overtraining might be harmful. The American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal found that "too much overload and/or not enough recovery can cause physiological and psychological symptoms that limit performance and may cause one to stop enjoying a previously enjoyable activity.

3. Rest

Noncompetitive exercisers generally suffer from inadequate rest/recovery due to hectic work lifestyles, family, job and health pressures, meal skipping, and poor sleep.

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