Paige Spiranac Shocked By Rickie Fowler's Decision At Ryder Cup

The choice made by Rickie Fowler at the Ryder Cup on Sunday has Paige Spiranac, a former professional golfer turned sports media personality, quite shocked.

Tommy Fleetwood made a non-gimme putt that Rickie Fowler gave up, giving the European team the victory at the Ryder Cup.

"Who wanted to inform Rickie Fowler that Fleetwood was attempting a putt for the Cup? Why are we in this place?" As one admirer put it.

Another fan said, "It's pure robbery if Rickie Fowler doesn't get the Nicklaus-Jacklin sportsmanship award for conceding that final putt."

Spiranac was taken aback by the maneuver.

"You don't concede that putt, even though I know Rickie is a nice guy," the woman wrote.

The European squad won the Ryder Cup with remarkable style, dominating the competition from beginning to end.

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