Paige Spiranac and her alcohol decision after crazy college parties

Golfer and influencer Paige Spiranac has a huge following on social media due to her amazing body and sports accomplishments, but she has cut back on partying since college.

She now enjoys other guilty pleasures instead of booze, according to the 30-year-old.

"No, I don't like alcohol, I don't mind beer but it reminds me of beer pong and bad college parties," she remarked on her 'Playing A Round' podcast.

I dislike wine, but I like pina coladas." Despite not like alcohol, she could not refuse a delicious treat. "Even in tournaments, I had to get ice cream, good or bad round," she said.

"I usually ate eggs or oatmeal for breakfast because I was too nervous to eat." What she does to stay fit was then discussed.

I've tried everything. Personal life changes have caused my weight to fluctuate a lot throughout the years "influencer said. "My body is affected by stress, happiness, and all that.

"Diet is difficult for me. I enjoy sugar and carbohydrates, but I never starve myself and listen to my body. "I've learned I don't need to be strict to get fit."

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