One of 50 ‘Forbes’ Top Creators 2023 is Olivia Dunne.

Forbes named 50 social media content makers of the year in its “Top Creators 2023” list today. Forbes said that “stars turning followers into fortunes” are on the list.

Famous social media users are in the group. Forbes called LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne “TikTok’s million-dollar tumbler.” The celebrity has made a name for herself by converting her gymnastics skill into popular material. Her almost 12 million Instagram and TikTok followers contributed to her NIL triumph. 

Dunne has signed many commercial partnerships since the NCAA let players to benefit from their identities. The 20-year-old has long-term collaborations with Vuori and American Eagle. 

Her ability to use social media for brand partnerships got her on the October Sports Illustrated cover. Dunne was praised for her ability to obtain money deals for herself and her fellow LSU Tigers in a story on collegiate athletics. 

The Livvy Fund, which connects female athletes at her school to commercial partnerships, was another reason she made the Forbes list.

However, Dunne's success is partly due to her discernment. She won't sign any brand contract.

“My audience can detect if something isn’t authentic,” Dunne told Forbes. “My core values must match a brand.” Her judgment, sincerity, and commercial savvy over the previous year make her a high-profile candidate.

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