Olivia Dunne Shares All Her Secrets

Olivia Dunne, a talented gymnast from LSU, was touring the nation with her famous boyfriend Paul Skenes while he made his way through the minor leagues the last time we checked in on them.

But be clear about it. Dunne continues to devote a lot of attention to her own, emerging brand.

With almost eight million followers on TikTok, the social media sensation is among the athletes with the largest followings. She is a blonde beauty.

Dunne has emerged as the face of NCAA athletics' "Name, Imagine, Likeness" era. She is now disclosing her secrets to the public.

During a recent interview and picture session with Forbes.com, Dunne disclosed the greatest ways for collegiate players to use NIL to market their companies.

Regarding her ascent to fame, Dunne remarked, "I've been blessed with the opportunity to be at the head of NIL and I just wanted it to be equal." Women should lead this NIL, in my opinion. 

Additionally, I believe it's critical that they be given equal opportunity to close these sales. because there aren't many women's professional sports leagues after college. Therefore, I believe it's critical to take advantage of it immediately.

However, what is the best way for those women to leverage their brand while it is still very relevant?

Regarding developing a brand, Dunne said, "I would say first and foremost, have a trustworthy team behind you." "Because it really helps to be able to turn to somebody you can trust every day. 

Moreover, remember that you are more than your activity. The nicest part about NIL, in my opinion, is that you can pursue your interests in sports and music, doing whatever you want and making the most of it. It's not limited to social media alone.

Dunne, whose worth is $3.2 million, is ranked third among all collegiate athletes in On3's NIL 100. The highest on the list, at a staggering $5.9 million, is Bronny James. At $4.8 million, Shedeur Sanders, a great quarterback for Colorado, comes in second.

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