Olivia Dunne and boyfriend Paul Skenes make Instagram official.

Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes, the pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, have been connected for a while, and it appears that she is now prepared to make the relationship official.

The two have been linked for a number of months; Dunne has even been sighted at a few of Skenes' lower league games.

Fans have long assumed that she and the Pirates star are romantically together because of her abundant displays of affection on social media.

However, following LSU's football victory versus Arkansas on Saturday night, there was an official confirmation regarding the two.

The Tigers managed to hang on for a 34–31 victory while Dunne and Skenes posed for a picture in the stands.

"Return to the boot!" Skenes wrote, and Dunne responded with an emoji of a heart, saying "my love."

Dunne tweeted, "Happy game day, tigah fans," while sporting a white cowboy boot and a yellow minidress.

The posts follow Skenes' previous remarks to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on their growing closeness.

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