NFL World Praying For The Legendary Cowboys Star

Irvin has been openly about his mental health, admitting that he has recently been experiencing some really difficult times.

The storied Cowboys player was alleged to have misbehaved in a Super Bowl hotel. He disputes the charges.

"You may be correct, dude. But after having to cope with everything after the Super Bowl, I was in a sad place. Thank you, dude," he said.

NFL supporters are praying that nothing will go wrong. We have your back." Michael Love listening to your commentary; please come back soon," one supporter commented.

"You are one of our favorite individuals on Earth to so many of us. We've got you big dog, one supporter added.

One supporter urged Michael to "stay strong." Another supporter said, "Keep your head up, Play Maker..just keep living."

"Michael, you are the best at what you do. One supporter commented, "PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP and CONTINUE TO BE ONE OF THE BEST Sports commentators IN THE BUSINESS.

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