Meta announces AI chatbots with 'personality'

Meta launched many Messenger chatbots. Chatbots will have "personality" and specialize in holidays and cookery. The chatbot arms race between tech businesses seeking more accurate and personalized AI continues.

Mark Zuckerberg stated the chatbots have "limitations" and are currently under development. Mr. Zuckerberg called it a "amazing year for AI" during Meta's first in-person gathering since the epidemic in California.

Main chatbot "Meta AI" can be used for messaging. In chat, users can ask Meta AI "to settle arguments" or other inquiries.

The business launched Llama 2, a massive language model, for commercial use in July, although the BBC has not tested the chatbot. Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner have also voiced chatbots.

Create chatbots that do more than answer inquiries. "This isn't just about answering questions," Zuckerberg stated. Entertainment is the focus.

Meta says NFL icon Tom Brady will play 'Bru', "a wisecracking sports debater" while YouTube celebrity MrBeast will play 'Zach', a big brother "who will roast you".

Mr. Zuckerberg said the new chatbots will not have real-time information and have "a lot of limitations" in what they can answer.

Mr. Zuckerberg highlighted the metaverse, a virtual environment he has spent tens of billions on. Meta expanded on their Quest 3 virtual reality headset at the event.

Meta's boss called it the first "mainstream" mixed reality headset. The headgear will support augmented reality with forward-facing cameras. The release date is 10 October.

Meta VR has lost $21bn (£17bn) since 2022, indicating that the firm's long-term metaverse gamble is still failing. The Vision Pro launched Apple into the higher-priced mixed reality hardware market this year, followed by the Quest 3.

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