It's Very Difficult To Lose Weight With These Egg Ingredients

Alright, so there's no getting around the fact that using oil of some kind is probably necessary when frying eggs on the stovetop to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan. As Best observes, "Frying eggs on the stovetop requires an outrageous amount of butter, oil, or some other type of fat."

To begin with, it's important to remember that frying your eggs is never the healthiest choice. According to Dr. Deshko, "since eggs are naturally high in saturated fats, the healthiest cooking methods do not add extra oils or butters." 

On the other hand, she suggests that you boil, poach, or bake your eggs in order to "help you reap the nutritional benefits of eggs without increasing the fat and calorie content."

However, if you do decide to get out the frying pan, it's important to use the correct kind of fat. Sadly, Best notes that "the most affordable, highest saturated fat oil is usually used."

This means that only the heating procedure increases the amount of harmful fats in a very nutritious diet." Margarine and vegetable oils can cause weight gain among other hazards, so it's recommended to stay away from them if you want to maintain your health and lose weight.

In the end, adding a small amount of healthy fat to your eggs—olive oil is probably the best choice—won't make you gain ten pounds over night and could even benefit your health. Just be careful not to overdo it and, wherever feasible, avoid saturated fats. Your body will be appreciative!

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