How to Lose Water Weight Fast

Slash the sodium

"Water retention results from salt's ability to attract water to your body. Don't mix feeling bloated from other foods with being bloated. Products like bran, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and others make you feel full.

Cut back on carbs

Carbohydrates can lead to water retention, much as salt. Your body turns carbohydrates you eat into glycogen if you don't utilize them as fuel straight away. According to Amy Shapiro, R.D., owner of Real Nutrition in New York City, this is stored in the muscles for use as energy.

Drink more water

Your cells absorb and hold onto every last drop of water they can when you eat too much salt. Your body is tricked by their thirst into believing it isn't thirsty while it is truly parched. So add additional water to that glass if you believe you may have overindulged or consumed a high-sodium meal.

Pop a magnesium supplement

A lady retains the most water during her period on the first day of the month. The hormones that regulate water retention return to normal as the cycle progresses.

Boost your potassium intake.

Consider potassium as the yin to the yang of sodium. According to research published in the American Journal of Kidney Disease, eating more potassium leads to the kidneys retaining less salt, which lowers blood pressure and water retention.

Take a walk

By adding more steps to your day, you can encourage your cells to expel water in addition to burning a few calories (a 150-pound individual can burn around 100 calories in 20 minutes).

Hit the gym

Increasing the intensity will cause you to lose more water weight. You'll not only burn off more of that glycogen, but you'll also activate the lymph nodes.

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