Golf influencer Paige Spiranac shares tips for crafting a personal brand online

Paige Spiranac retired from golf and joined social media. Since taking the plunge, the 30-year-old has over 11 million social media followers and partnerships with major brands.

Spiranac joins TheStreet to advise social media influencers on marketing partnerships while maintaining their voice. “Be authentic to yourself—your personality matters,” said Spiranac.

LUNDBERG, Robin Of course you now provide advise and recommendations. What advise would you give to people attempting to make it, given your journey from playing to Swimsuit with SI to influencer? 

PAIGE SPIRANAC: My life's route was really unorthodox. I recommend sticking to your true self. I didn't feel good playing golf professionally. I changed course to stay in my beloved industry. No one was doing this when I joined social media. 

Before Instagram golf chicks, I paved the way for many. It stemmed from my love for this game. Online authenticity and being myself. If you want to become a professional, recognize that it's a grind and spend wisely since it's expensive. Continue pursuing it if you enjoy it. 

I recommend being yourself on social media. I think personality is key to interacting with so many individuals. People will see through your veneer.

Always be yourself, because often we look at other social media success stories and believe, "If I do it this way, I'll succeed too." Quite the reverse. People are popular online by exhibiting their personalities. 

LUNDBERG, Robin Same for brand alliances and NIL deals? That's new for collegiate players.

100% PAIGE SPIRANAC You must locate brands that understand your brand. Sometimes organizations desire influencers' platforms but want to regulate what they say and share. Their supporters see through this charade, thus it fails. 

Companies looking to collaborate with influencers should pick someone who fits their brand. You can be creative and make intriguing new advertising, which is entertaining. It's not just someone standing in front saying, "Buy this now, I love this." Things you adore.

Always attempt that with firms I work with. I love all the goods and have used most of them. So that was my introduction. I always resolved not to take money for a product I didn't enjoy since my followers' trust is most crucial. If I lose that, it's over.

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