Genius Hacks That Make Laundry Day Less of a Hassle

Laundry hacks to keep coloured clothes bright

Salt prevents color fading. To prolong the color of dark clothes, add a teaspoon of salt. Washing colored clothes inside out helps preserve color.

Say goodbye to wrinkles

Avoid the time-consuming iron or handheld steamer to remove creases from shirts and pants. Put wrinkled garments in the dryer with ice cubes or a wet towel. As the ice melts and water steams, creases disappear. This method works wonders for lighter textiles but not heavier ones. The best feature is that the dryer only needs 10 minutes to work.

Instant drying rack

Lots of garments that can't be dried? Collapsible drying racks with multiple bars for draping damp garments aren't adequate for busy laundry days. Hanging wet clothing on top of wet garments prolongs drying and might make them smell musty.

Write notes on the washer

Stop shrinking sweaters! Mark the lid of your washing machine with a dry-erase marker to indicate which objects should not go in the dryer. Thus, whoever transfers the load from the washer to the dryer will know which items should line dry. Most washing machine lids have an enamel finish like a whiteboard, so dry-erase markers may be erased with a paper towel.

Pool noodle hanger pads eliminate creases. We find that smaller noodles perform better for this application. Slice the noodle lengthwise after cutting it with a utility knife. Then place the noodle on the hanger's bottom bar. The extra padding is ideal for hanging dress pants in your closet. It avoids that pesky crease, saving you time and effort to press the pants before wearing them.

Pool noodle hanger hack

Lint buildup around your dryer's lint trap may spark a fire even if you empty it before each load. This tip will help you deep clean the region regularly: Place a clean towel around one end of a paint stir stick. Take out the lint trap and clean with the rag-covered stick. Wet the rag to help lint stick.

Deep-clean the lint trap—with a paint stick

As a klutz, I had to learn how to handle garment stains. For grease stains, I use white chalk. By rubbing chalk on the stain, the powder absorbs and lifts grease, making it washable. —Jean Reeves

Laundry hacks for treating a grease stain

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