Florida Winner of $1.6 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Goes Public

On Wednesday, a massive lottery winner came forward to pick up their record-breaking jackpot. The $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot winner from last month has declared their prize, but it is still unknown who they are.

For the drawing of August 8, 2023, a ticket purchased in Neptune Beach, Florida, won the biggest payout in Mega Millions history.

The lucky winner's identity and any other information, such as whether they chose rewards over a 30-year period or a lump sum option, remained undisclosed by the Florida Lottery Commission.

Before taxes, the lump sum award was $783.3 million. In the event that the winner choose annuity payments, the first would be issued nearly instantly and there would be 29 further installments that would rise by 5% per year.

According to lottery authorities, the winning ticket was purchased at a Publix in Neptune Beach. 13, 19, 20, 32, and 33 were the winning numbers, and number 14 was the gold Mega Ball number.

Not only was it the largest Mega Millions payout ever, but it was also the third-highest lottery jackpot in history, trailing just two Powerball victories.

Last month, Georgia Lottery President and CEO Gretchen Corbin, the lead director of the Mega Millions Consortium, congratulated the Florida Lottery on selling a jackpot-winning ticket in Tuesday's $1.602 billion Mega Millions drawing. "We are happy to announce the latest jackpot winner."

Florida lottery winners are subject to federal taxes on their winnings, but fortunately there are no state taxes on them. Annuity payments must start within 180 days, whereas lump sum payments must start within 60 days of the winner claiming their prize.

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