Five easy dumbbell workouts for back, biceps, and triceps

For beginning strength trainers, upper body routines might be confusing. conduct you push and pull or just conduct a ‘upper body’ workout? Then you must choose from hundreds of exercises. 

Five traditional dumbbell exercises will help you build back, biceps, and triceps in this simple workout. Grab some dumbbells and let's do it in 25 minutes!

Many of us trained our upper body for its visual benefits—chiseled arms, a broad back, and a huge chest. However, it also has several functional benefits. Red Bull claims that a strong upper body enhances posture, workout performance, and daily duties like hauling and pushing. 

Only five movements target your back, biceps, and triceps in this workout. You want eight to 12 reps of each exercise, so use medium-weight dumbbells. Some exercises are done on the floor, so use a mat. Your workout

Your workout

Wide-row bent-over dumbbell Hammer dumbbell curls Dumbbell pullovers

Your workout

Standing rear-fly dumbbells Dumbbell bent-over row

After exercising our upper body, we should also do leg day to keep our bodies balanced and functional. If you're short on time, consider this full-body dumbbell exercise or this four-move leg and glute workout.

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