Film Genres by Zodiac Sign: American Cinema Astrology Part: 2

Libras appreciate romantic comedies and dramedies that combine humor and romance with depth and passion due to their balance and harmony.

Libra: Romantic Comedies and Dramedies

Scorpios are fierce, passionate, and daring to explore human darkness. This tendency leads to a preference for dark, gripping thrillers with profound psychological and moral issues. 

Scorpio: Dark and Intense Thrillers

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Sagittarians embrace new experiences and are open-minded. This means preferring adventure and fantasy films that take viewers to mystical places and great adventures.

Sagittarius : Adventure and Fantasy

Capricorns are ambitious, disciplined, and history-savvy. This makes people like historical dramas and biopics about important events and people. 

Capricorn : Historical Dramas and Biopics

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Visionaries like Aquarians adore the future and innovate. This typically leads to a liking for science fiction and future films that challenge the imagination. 

Aquarius : Science Fiction and Futuristic Films

Pisces are creative, sensitive, and drawn to fantasy stories. This makes me like fantasy and magical realism films that take audiences to faraway regions. 

Pisces : Fantasy and Magical Realism