Simple Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight and Boost Metabolism

A damaged metabolism is one of the detrimental effects of eating and drinking poorly, according to Sarah Asay, head of nutrition and product development at BistroMD. "Symptoms of metabolism dysfunction can include weight gain, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, decreased energy, and difficulty sleeping."

Eat clean.

To replenish your energy, begin by cutting out items that cause inflammation (such as processed meats, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine) and substituting them with an abundance of vegetables, nuts, wild fish and meats, and high-quality fats like olive oil.

Make water your first morning beverage instead of coffee. "We go seven or more hours without any hydration while our bodies are asleep," claims Asay. It hydrates your body upon waking up, which revitalizes and reenergizes your cells.

Drink up.

The contents, length, and limits of cleanses can vary widely. Speak to your physician before attempting that. While taking medication, it's critical that you continue to receive essential vitamins and nutrients.

Try a cleanse.

"One of the best ways to reset and detox your body is to get a good night's sleep," advises Asay. "Sleep has been linked to better general health, decreased cortisol levels and distress, and weight loss."

Catch some Zs.

Exercise enhances blood flow, supplying the organs and tissues with nutrition and oxygen to enable better organ and tissue performance. so get up from your desk, take a stroll, or perform some jumping jacks. It'll feel fantastic!

Get moving.

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