Eat these 3 common foods for a natural energy boost


“Bananas are one of the best energy boosters and brain superfoods,” A banana on your way out the door or in a smoothie is a simple way to get through the day.

One of the finest energy boosters and brain superfoods is bananas, Connolly added. They include energy-boosting carbs, vitamin B6, and potassium. These ingredients replace electrolytes and provide a natural sugar punch for hydration and energy.


The health expert added oranges are “a great electrolyte replenisher and, of course, high in vitamin C which boosts fatigue-reducing collagen production.” For a healthier morning, skip the coffee and drink orange juice.

“Oranges are another fruit that can give you bundles of energy when you are drowsy,” Connolly said. They are also a fantastic electrolyte replenisher and abundant in vitamin C, which stimulates fatigue-reducing collagen production.”


Oats are high in fiber and slowly release glucose into the circulation, giving energy throughout the day, A warm cup of oats with banana slices for energy is a terrific breakfast.

He said, “There's a reason that oats are touted as one of the best breakfast foods to start your day.” She added that the grain's fiber slowly releases glucose into the bloodstream, giving energy throughout the day.

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