'Clumsy' Golden Retriever Goes Viral After Asking if Anyone Saw Epic Fall

Like the TikTok dog, golden retrievers are captivating and thrill the internet.

The dog runs across a field before falling in a humorous video uploaded by his owner @laurennring. The clever dog lands with a smile to appear like he did it on purpose. He still checks to make sure no one saw his amazing tumble.

The footage, entitled "He's clumsy but he's graceful," has 644,800 views and 98,400 likes since September 4.

Last year, golden retrievers were the AKC's third most popular dog breed of 2022. French bulldogs took first place, ending the Labrador's 30-year reign.

The AKC shares amusing facts about the beloved breed, such that they need a lot of activity, hence this dog was observed running across the lawn.

Dr. Grant Little, a veterinarian, recommended a 30- to 60-minute stroll, noting that active breeds like Labrador retrievers may go for 1-hour walks without discomfort.

"Start training early and be ready to spot if your dog is struggling or has pain/mobility issues," he stated.

They love to carry anything in their mouths, like the dog in the video with a stick. Ducks are safe for goldens to pick up and hold since their mouths are "soft" The AKC says they can carry an uncooked egg without shattering the shell.

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