Build a better bond with your dog and boost their happiness

Establishing a solid and harmonious bond with your dog is crucial for a journey full of mutual understanding, trust, and wagging tails.

Although lavishing your dog with the greatest toys, treats, and accessories during puppyhood is a wonderful place to start, it's just as important to take the time and make the effort to properly nurture your bond.

Steele stresses how crucial it is to include playtime in your dog's everyday routine. Playing together, even for just five minutes, is a great way to build your relationship. It shows your pet that you're not simply their caregiver but also an exciting and enjoyable person.

Incorporate Play into Your Day

The second piece of advice from Steele focuses on granting your dog free will. If you're petting your dog, stop regularly to give them an opportunity to let you know if they're enjoying the encounter.

Introduce Choice into Your Training

The trainer says that this is the easiest place to start. If they are excited and you pause, that's fantastic, keep going. Move on and give them some room if they seem unsure or unenthusiastic during your pause.

The last piece of advice is to always respect your dog's time for relaxation. Like us, dogs too require downtime. Ignoring them when they're resting or sleeping might cause them to become distrustful and uncomfortable.

Leave Them When They're Resting

Dogs also have a startle reaction, which means that if they are disturbed while they are asleep, they are more likely to respond defensively or even violently.

Practice letting your dog alone when they're sleeping or relaxing to prevent tension and possible confrontation. By doing this, you not only show that you care about their welfare but also strengthen the bond of trust between you.

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