Arizona lottery winner wins $2.4 million at Tempe QuikTrip

After a petrol station in south Central Arizona sold a winning lottery ticket over the weekend, someone is now $2.4 million wealthier.

According to the Arizona Republic, a member of the USA TODAY Network, the winning ticket for The Pick Jackpot on Saturday was purchased at a QuikTrip on Southern Avenue in Tempe.

What were the September 9 lottery winning numbers? The winning numbers for the Arizona Lottery's drawing on September 9 are: 8 12 19 23 34 44.

According to authorities, the ticket holder has 180 days to collect the award. According to lottery authorities, the total odds of winning a cash reward in the game are about 1 in 39. On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights, drawings take place.

Another Arizona gas station lottery winner While everything was going on, another Arizonan won $10,000 on Friday from a Mega Millions ticket bought at the Shell on Power Road in Mesa.

There have been 13 winning Powerball jackpot tickets, with prize amounts ranging from $5 million to $500 million, since Arizona joined the lottery in 1994.

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