Ana de Armas, Star of 'Blonde,' Follows These Fit, Healthy Habits

She ups her game when prepping for a role, including working on her skills at the shooting range

A favorite workout for the "Blonde" star is Pilates. I've started attending to this lovely pilates studio near my hotel. It's on the top floor of a beautiful old building with river views, she tells Vogue. It keeps her "sane."

The star enjoys pilates, boxing, and going on walks

The 34-year-old tells People (via Women's Health UK) that changing her exercises motivates her. Exercise makes me happy, but it must be pleasant. To avoid boredom, I box, spin, or weightlift every day "de Armas reports.

She likes to mix up her workouts.

The actress often emphasizes balance and grounding. Meditation is peaceful and helps with almost everything in a hectic life. "I meditate," she tells Vogue UK, "and I love it. When you start and stick to it, you realize how much it helps with everything."

She meditates

"Sometimes I have night shoots, so I sleep during the day," she tells Marie Claire. "I can't always unplug and go to bed because my brain is whirling. I use Waking Up, a great app, for that. It's helped me breathe, relax, and rest."

Regular treats include hot baths with lavender soaking salts.

De Armas tells Vogue UK she's not a morning person. "I need my coffee next to me and a little music," she adds. "Over the years—particularly lately, because we've all spent so much time at home doing nothing—I've learned to love the morning and take care of myself.

Mornings are hard, but coffee helps.

Beauty isn't just makeup; it's the process. You complete your morning routines at your own leisure. All of these factors help me wake up and determine my mood."

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