9 Ways Nutritionists Sneak More Protein Into Their Diet

The protein-rich snack is convenient to enjoy on the run. Greek yogurt has 18 grams of protein per serving." Add an ounce of nuts (about a handful) to your yogurt for 4 grams of protein.

Add Greek yogurt

Prep meat strips

The best way to get enough protein? To remember that crucial vitamin every time you set your table. "Each meal should contain 20 to 30 grams of protein (depending on body size and protein type) every three hours.

Keep nuts handy

Almonds and walnuts can be added to various dishes or eaten alone as a snack to increase protein intake.Also sprinkle nuts on yogurt, salad, cereal, oatmeal, and more.

Add beans to anything

Your vegan pals are right about loving to cook with beans.Add garbanzo, white, lentil, kidney, or black beans to salads, soups, or pastas.

Choose quinoa over rice or pasta

"All necessary amino acids are in Quinoa, making it a complete protein. Most people think the seed is a grain, yet it has 8 grams of protein per cup.

Try teff, spelt, and amaranth, which are high in protein, on days when you're not eating quinoa.

Try some ancient grains

"Easter's mascot isn't just for hunting in the backyard in your Sunday best; hard-boiled eggs (even plain ones) are a terrific diet complement.Make hard-boiled eggs for the week. Pre-cooked eggs make a great snack or protein topping for a salad or dinner.

Eat hard-boiled eggs

Remember when your mom had snacks when you got off the school bus? You didn't realize it, but those "ants on a log" kept you from eating sweets before supper.

Go old school with snacks

Develop a seed habit to acquire extra protein if getting your daily nutrients is a priority.Hemp, chia, and flaxseed seeds with smoothies, porridge, and yogurt

Mix in seeds

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