9 high-protein 'lazy gal' breakfast dishes

Eating a high-protein breakfast can help with weight loss and muscle gain.

Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts is a quick and easy high-protein breakfast option.

Eggs are a versatile and high-protein breakfast food that can be prepared in many ways.

Protein smoothies can be made with a variety of ingredients and are a great on-the-go breakfast option.

Oatmeal with added protein powder and toppings like nuts and fruit is a filling and nutritious breakfast choice.

Breakfast burritos with eggs, cheese, and beans are a high-protein and satisfying breakfast option.

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Quinoa bowls with eggs, veggies, and avocado are a nutritious and high-protein breakfast choice.

Protein pancakes made with protein powder and topped with fruit and nuts are a delicious and filling breakfast option.

Chia seed pudding with added protein powder and toppings like fruit and nuts is a high-protein and easy breakfast choice.