9 Diet Mistakes That Hurt Weight Loss

Not eating enough daily

It's common to think dieting implies eating less. However, Melissa Mitri, MS, RD, nutrition writer and proprietor of Melissa Mitri Nutrition, suggests you may be undereating

Snacking at night

It's normal to want to unwind and indulge oneself after a long day. The last thing you should do is snack before bed. Late-night nibbling can ruin your daytime weight reduction attempts, adds Mitri, "leading to excess calories, often from less healthy foods like chips and desserts."

Not getting enough fiber

Not getting enough fiber might disrupt your weight loss attempts. "Dietary fiber, an undigested carb in plant foods, slows digestion and increases satiety, helping you lose weight

Not eating a well-rounded breakfast

"Daily breakfast consumption is protective against weight gain because it fills you up, causing you to feel fewer hunger pangs and food cravings later on," adds Mitri. For instance, "Eating a balanced breakfast every morning helps regulate your blood sugar levels, which can intensify hunger and related symptoms."

 Drinking pointless calories

Liquid calories must be monitored. Sodas, wine, juices, and even packaged smoothies are major offenders. Mitri notes that "liquid calories don't provide much nutritional value and can start to add up quickly, contributing to unwanted weight gain."

Adopting trendy diets

Mitri advises against fad diets for long-term weight reduction. “Fad diets are often not personalized to you and your body and involve restrictive and unsustainable food rules,” she explains.

Consuming too many nutritious foods

We bet you didn't expect this! According to dietitian Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, author of Finally Full, Finally Slim and a Medical Expert Board member, some healthful meals are better in moderation. Overeating 'good' fats like avocados, almonds, and olive oil might ruin your weight reduction efforts due to the extra calories and fat.

Consuming too many smoothies

Smoothies are pleasant and diet-friendly in moderation. Consuming too many daily might hinder weight reduction since they are high in calories.

Neglecting portion control

One of the biggest diet blunders is not watching portion proportions. Any effective diet requires portion management. It prevents you from eating more than your body needs, which is crucial for weight loss.

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