8 Veggie Smoothies You’ll Actually Want To Drink

Smoothies replenish energy after a long ride or strenuous workout. They're easy to prepare and drink on the move, and veggie smoothies are a great way to get nutrients.

Super Greens Smoothie With Matcha Tea

This extremely green smoothie is the only morning pick-me-up you need, forget matcha lattes.

Immunity-Boosting Smoothie

This smoothie is a delicious method to get a lot of nutrients because it is made with beet, mango, and persimmon.

No-Fruit Gingerbread Smoothie

This holiday smoothie is made creamy and inviting by cauliflower, a ton of spices, and a trace of molasses.

Mango Cucumber Lime Smoothie

Every sip of this smoothie is different thanks to the sweet mango, cooling cucumber, and tangy lime.

In this earthy, sweet smoothie, peach and carrot make an unusual but ideal pairing.

Peach Carrot Smoothie

Lettuce is not only used in salads. This green smoothie is made simple to consume with apple and banana.

Lettuce Smoothie

Although butternut squash isn't the most popular smoothie ingredient, the somewhat sweet vegetable adds a lot of flavor to this concoction.

Butternut Squash Smoothie

A nutritious smoothie full of vitamins that tastes like sweet potato pie

Sweet Potato Smoothie

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