8 Great Self-Care Activities for Teens to Stay Centered

Taking time for oneself can help you manage the stress of school and life. Teen self-care activities range from pampering to learning something new to keep you grounded.

1. Schedule Phone-Free Time

It may feel dreadful to consider shutting off your phone, but it can help you reset and get away from the incessant need to check pals and the globe. We're talking about 15 minutes a day when you put the phone in another room or turn it off.

2. Give Yourself a Manicure

Give yourself a manicure with your favorite polish. It takes a few minutes and is a great way to change your style and decompress. If you're feeling creative, add lovely stickers or decorations. If not, keep it basic.

3. Watch a Video to Learn Something New

Learning a new skill is a great self-care tip. Some hobbies and abilities are so engaging that they can help you relax from regular life.

4. Make Your Favorite Meal

Speaking of apple pie, eating is a great self-care tool. We're not talking health food (although we are). This is comfort food, though. What dish makes you feel cared for? Most likely a family recipe. It's fine to create for yourself or share.

Remember when you could swing for hours as a kid? Playing again is a great teen self-care activity. Just play on the playground equipment. Even alone, this is wonderful with buddies.

5. Play at the Playground

Besides play, we forget how to make imperfect art in childhood. Making faulty art is an excellent self-care exercise for high school, middle school, or other teens who need a break from teen life. Make something with your paints, markers, camera, pen, or other favorite tools.

6. Make Some Imperfect Art

Like playground swings, this self-care activity channels childhood. Spend an hour or two building with Legos if you have them or a younger sibling or relative does. You can follow directions from a kit or freestyle it. No wrong responses.

7. Build Something With Legos

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