8 Best Love Handle Melting Exercises

Squatting is the "king of exercises" since it works practically every muscle. The front squat produces muscle with less stress than the back squat, reducing your waistline.

Barbell Front Squats

Despite seeming like a shoulder workout, this exercises almost every muscle. Your arms, shoulders, and traps lift the weight, while your core and lower body stabilize.

Standing Dumbbell Overhead Presses

Deadlifts are as good as squats. Unfortunately, some suffer with barbell deadlifts. I propose using a trap bar instead since you stay upright and start in the middle of the weight, reducing bodily tension.

Trap Bar Deadlifts

Another great lower-body workout. Training each leg independently eliminates asymmetries and improves balance, coordination, and core strength, unlike squats.


Strengthen your rear muscles more than your front ones to maximize weight training advantages. Why? Because that's the base. Row before benching.

 Inverted Rows

Regular pushups are great upper-body workout. Suspension trainers push your shoulder-stabilizing muscles harder and increase core effort, which is good.

TRX Pushups

Get rid of those little bicep curls! For massive fat loss, do chin-ups. Every rep strengthens your arms, back, shoulders, and grip, unlike individual exercises.


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