7 Ways To Sneak More Protein Into Your Lunch

Swap rice for quinoa.

This ancient grain, which contains all nine necessary amino acids, is a powerhouse of protein. Use it as a substantial side dish or as the foundation for your lunch bowls. Quinoa is a tasty and wholesome substitute for traditional grains because of its nutty flavor and fluffy texture.

Add hard-boiled eggs to your salads.

Easy to cook, eggs may be diced or sliced to add a high-quality protein boost to your salads. Additionally, they give your greens a deep taste and creamy texture.

Add beans to soups, salads, and pastas.

Superstars of the plant-based protein world, beans have endless culinary possibilities. Add some black beans or chickpeas to your salads to up the protein content. Beans can also be added to pasta meals, stews, and soups. Their high fiber content will help you feel content and full all day.

Sprinkle hemp seeds on everything.

In addition to offering a full protein, hemp seeds also include beneficial lipids, vitamins, and minerals. For a wonderful crunch, sprinkle them over your salads, yogurt, or smoothie bowls. For a delicious twist, you can even combine them with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Add Greek yogurt as a topping. 

A rich and creamy source of protein, Greek yogurt has the potential to completely transform your lunchtime meal. Instead of sour cream, top baked potatoes, chili, or tacos with it.

Use cottage cheese as a dip.

Are you a fan of dips? Cottage cheese is a great savory dip for whole-grain crackers or vegetables. You can eat a lot of it without worrying because it is low in fat and high in protein.Use whole-grain bread instead.

Opt for whole-grain bread.

When assembling your wraps or sandwiches, opt for whole-grain options. Whole-grain alternatives include greater protein in addition to additional fiber and minerals. To make a delicious and nourishing lunch, look for brands with the greatest protein content on the labels.

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