7 Ways To Get Rid of Back Fat, According to Experts

While many people try to lose love handles or stubborn belly fat by eating healthier and working out, the back is another major problem area.

Establish a healthy eating "plan" rather than a diet

Changing your thinking to feed your body nutritious, nutrient-packed foods to function at its optimum is more sustainable than following a tight diet.

Read your food labels

For those attempting to lose weight, understanding the foods and nutrients you eat is crucial to a balanced diet.

Make sure your eating habits are well-rounded

You are what you eat—a proverb you've heard repeatedly but will always remember! Even on date night or out with friends, it's crucial to eat well.

Find active hobbies you really enjoy

Find active hobbies and exercises you enjoy, like hiking, mountain biking, jogging, yoga, kayaking, dance-cardio classes, and snowshoeing.

Strength training can tone your back and other muscles and enhance your metabolism, helping you lose weight.

Strength train

No need to ignore cardio. Losing weight requires a good balance of aerobic and strength activity, whether you walk, swim, or hike with your dog.

Kick up your cardio

Avoid petty matters. Management of stress can improve health, but it's not always easy. The same goes for daily sleep.

Get consistent sleep, and manage your stress

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