7 High-Protein Snacks That Will Help You Slim Down

Many want to lose weight. Whether they need to lose five pounds to fit into an outfit or 50 or more to better their health, most people struggle. The main issue is that the body does everything it can to regain weight.


Peanuts have 4 net carbohydrates per 50 grams.40 or more shelled peanuts make a great afternoon snack. One serving has 13 grams of protein. Avoid honey-roasted since the sugar adds enormous carbohydrates per little serving. Pecans are another good choice with fewer than 2 net carbohydrates per 50 grams. But they only have 5 grams of protein.

Greek Yogurt

Some yogurts, like cereals, include a lot of added sugar and other unhealthy additives. The labels show that most ice cream has less sugar than yogurt, according to one gourmand.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is protein-rich compared to carbs. It has 13 protein per 100-gram serving, four times more than carbs. Again, adding fruit increases carbs and defeats the high-protein snack.


Tuna is protein-rich beyond belief. It has no carbohydrates. An entire can has 82 grams of protein. A can has three 100-gram servings with 27 grams of protein each. Season tuna with flavorful ingredients, but avoid ketchup due to its high sugar content. The tuna and two Finn Crisp rye crackers, which have 2 protein and 14 net carbs, make a delightful high-protein, low-carb snack.

Many beef jerky brands are sugary. The sugar-free variety has zero carbs and protein like cottage cheese.

Beef Jerky

Protein bars have lots of protein and carbs. Premier Protein, a popular variety, includes 30 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbohydrates. With 3 grams of fiber, the bar provides 22 net carbohydrates. Although it can be eaten as a snack, it's mostly a meal replacement. The mobility and simplicity of protein bars are their main strengths.

Protein Bars

Cheese has 15 times more protein than carbs. A 100-gram serving has 25 and 1.5. Versatile too. Mix it with tuna after shredding. You may slice and wrap pickles in it. Simply break a chunk and take it. Cheese comes in numerous types, and most are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.


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