7 Gym Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Your Best Body

If you're working out like a monk but not seeing results, you're not alone. According to a 2022 study, the "plateau effect"—training plateau—is frequent among athletes and non-athletes.

You're overthinking your workouts

So much fitness advice can be overwhelming. But worrying over the perfect schedule can hinder success. Focus on consistency and selecting exercises that suit your goals and tastes.

You're doing exercises you don't enjoy

Forcing yourself to complete workouts you hate can demotivate you and make exercise miserable. Explore several activities until you find one you enjoy. Exercise should be enjoyable, whether you're dancing, hiking, or attempting a new sport.

Some swear by fasting workout, but only a few can do it. A little snack before the exercise can increase performance and maximize sweat sessions.

You're working out fasted

Without sufficient rest and recovery, excessive training can harm your body. You may encounter weariness, performance decline, and injury. You must train hard and intelligently to progress.

You're not prioritizing recovery

Skipping pre- and post-workout nourishment might make you tired and frustrated. Balanced snacks before and after workouts revitalize and repair muscles.

You're not fueling before and after workouts

Keep your water bottle handy—dehydration can hinder performance and recovery. Stay refreshed and at your best by drinking water throughout the day and throughout workouts.

You're not staying hydrated

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