Merengue Twist:

Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Swing your arms and engage your core as you rotate your hips. This workout strengthens your core and obliques.

Salsa Steps:

Start with feet together. Your right foot steps to the side and your left foot meets it. Additional core workouts include hip motions and arm flair. Salsa steps work your core and abs.

Belly Dance Shimmy:

Place your feet hip-width apart. Shimmy your hips alone. Improve the dancing using arm motions. This motion improves your core and lower back while being enjoyable.

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Cumbia Shuffle:

Bring your left foot to meet your right foot out to the side. Turn your hips slightly as you do this. Add arm motions for balance. Do the Cumbia shuffle to tone your obliques.

Reggae Hip Rolls:

Place your feet hip-width apart. Kneel slightly and roll hips circularly. Move your arms and enjoy the beat. Hip rolls work waist muscles well.

Squat-Tuck Jumps:

Starting squat, feet shoulder-width apart. Jump up from squatting and tuck knees to chest. Squat gently and land. Your heart rate and core muscles are worked by this dynamic activity.

Weighted Zumba Toning:

Dance using lightweight dumbbells for resistance. Use your core to stabilize your weightlifting motions to tone your abs. For an extra challenge, do Zumba movements using weights.

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