7 Essential Exercises for Men to Prevent Muscle Loss After 50

Standing erect with your feet forward and back straight, squats begin. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor by pressing your heels into the ground and pressing your hips back. Next, press your heels into the floor again to stand. Squat three times a week for 12 repetitions to maximize hypertrophy.


Prepare for deadlifts. "Using a barbell or dumbbell or similar weights, standing similarly to a squat position, back erect, and feet facing forward, slowly reach down with your hands shoulder-width apart, slightly pushing your hips back, keeping your hands close to your body until you reach the bar


Common strength exercises like pushups work your triceps, chest, shoulders, and core. Start by putting your hands outside shoulder-width on the floor with your fingers facing forward. Roll onto your toes with your legs behind you. Lower your chest by using your core and bending your elbows.


Prepare for the bench press. Lay on your back on a gym bench under a barbell. "Make sure the weights are secure above your head," adds Brewster. "Handle the barbell slightly outside your chest. Remove the barbell from the rack and angle it to your chest. Avoid straining your wrist by not bending backward.

Bench presses

Start with a machine with an aid seat. Position yourself at the pull-up bar. "The grip that you choose will make a difference in the muscle that you work," Brewster. "Grip the pull-up bar and pull yourself up, squeezing your traps and rhomboid." Do three 12-rep pull-up sets two to three times a week.


Finally, lunges conclude this list of necessary workouts for men to avoid muscle loss after 50. You can use dumbbells or your body weight. Stand tall with your feet facing front. Step forward with your left leg. Bend your right (back) knee to lunge.


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