7 Diet Changes to Make During Every Decade

In your 20s: Hone healthy habits

Bananas are tasty and versatile! They're a miracle fruit since they contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidantThe Guardian says that some consider our 20s the hardest decade of our lives. While tough, this age is the best time to set yourself up for health and dietary success. s despite their carbohydrates. They also provide you lots of energy and make you full, so you won't desire a snack before dinner.

In your 20s: Stockpile the calcium

She believes peak calcium absorption occurs in adolescence and our 20s, improving bone mass and reducing osteoporosis risk.

In your 20s and 30s: Focus on folate

Healthy eating prepares the body for pregnancy. Malkani recommends a healthy weight, minimizing alcohol, and avoiding cigarettes. Malkani advises meeting the 400-mcg daily folate recommendation.

Ardolino believes iron helps oxygen reach tissues. Menstruating and pregnant women must eat adequate iron

In your 20s and 30s: Eat more iron

To avoid sluggish, consistent weight gain in these later decades, eliminate 100 calories every day, or one piece of bread.

In your 40s: Prepare for metabolism changes

Weight-bearing exercise, calcium-rich foods including milk, soy milk, yogurt, cheese, and low-oxalate green leafy vegetables, and appropriate vitamin D levels are more vital than ever.

In your 40s and 50s: Keep watching calcium intake

In addition to bone loss and lower metabolic rate, hormonal imbalances can cause muscle loss in women. Protecting themselves requires balance. To avoid weight gain, women should satisfy the increased vitamin D (600 IU per day), calcium (1200 mg per day), and protein (1g per pound) needs while maintaining under calorie requirements.

In your 50s: Focus on protein and vitamin D

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