7 Affordable Foods that Improve Gut Health Faster than Probiotics

Recent study has caused some gut experts to reevaluate their previous conclusions regarding the advantages of using probiotics.

Eat things like kimchi, yogurt, and kefir

According to current research, fermented foods are better than commercial probiotics. – Yogurt – Cheese – Kefir – Kombucha – Sauerkraut – Miso – Pickles

Though less powerful than probiotics, fermented meals are more microbially varied, which Spector likes. Kefir, kimchi, and kombucha have 20–40 live bacteria and yeasts, while yogurt only three.

Red flags to look for on probiotic food labels

Choose goods without pasteurization or additives. Simple pickled products should have plants, water, and salt (no vinegar). Kombuchas need sediment and fizz.

Avoid additional sugar and ultra-processed foods to starve gut harmful bacteria.

Sometimes probiotic supplements are worth it

Bulsiewicz warned that those with a family history of diarrhea like C. difficile or other gut disorders can take probiotic supplements.

He still carefully chooses probiotic pills for uncommon circumstances.

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